Get a shaped and toned buttocks without surgery

Non-Surgical Butt Lift is the most innovative non-surgical treatment available today helping women of all different shapes and sizes. As we grow older and gravity takes effect, we
may all notice a sagging of the bottom. Butt lift is the non-surgical, non-invasive, non-painful solution! The use of a vacuum therapy machine is necessary to make this treatment. It
is made by using suction cups that suck the skin and muscles to create a simulation of it and irrigate the blood vessels. This will allow the skin to look natural and firm. The goal of the gluteal lift is to enlarge these areas of the body by concentrating your fat using a suction device with suction cups. In fact, the vacuum therapy machine will suck your buttocks to
make sure that the fat gets firmed and gives them lasting and permanent toning.

How does Vacuum Therapy treatment work?

The treatment is performed using a machine connected to suction cups that suck on the skin and flesh to stimulate blood flow and the lymphatic system. It also helps to firming-
> the buttock muscles. This stimulation thus enhances natural fat elimination in the butt, reduces the appearance of cellulite and, above all, increases the volume of the buttocks.
The use of a vacuum therapy machine will allow you to fetch the fatty tissue very deeply and move them along your thighs, to bring them to your buttocks, in addition, to offer more volume, this will even allow the elimination of cellulite on your legs. The lifting technique accelerates the production of collagen and stimulates growth hormones.Bottom size and appearance is individual and can be an emotive issue especially if you are not comfortable with what you naturally have. Now with the help of Vacuum Therapy you can
> the desired results you want without any surgical intervention at all.
The process is to improve lymphatic drainage, muscle stimulation (equivalent to an exercise session), better skin appearance, eliminating cellulite and other toxicity and providing stimulation of the collagen. In addition, break down and shift fat deposits, all of which combine to provide increased toning effects and give the appearance of a smoother, firmer,
more lifted bottom.

How long does the session take?

The whole treatment takes 50-60 minutes.
The treatment starts with a specific way of massage starting from thighs to buttocks, following two suction cups on your buttocks and leave them for about 30 minutes. The cups
usually create a vacuum around the target area, thus lifting the cellulite away from the muscle.


Q: After how many sessions could I notice a difference?
A: On each session you will have immediate results and, in many cases, a real difference may be seen in after 2-3 sessions.

Q: What to do after treatment?
A: It is advised to massage at least once a day in the days following the treatment. Drink plenty of water after sessions, drinking water will help eliminate toxins. Exercising helps
maintain your desired body shape as well as your results. Maintain a balanced diet. The higher the number of sessions followed, the more satisfactory and long-lasting the results
will be. When the desired result is achieved, it is recommended to space out the sessions so that there are a few sessions per year.

Q: What Not to do after treatment?
A: Avoid alcohol and caffeine for a period of 24 hours after treatment. Avoid sitting for a long period of time within 24 hours of treatment. Avoid too many cancelations for your
sessions. Long time apart may affect the result. In addition, vacuum therapy machines that is APPROVED BY HEALTH CANADA 🇨🇦 also offer the ability to make faces lifting, breast lifting, anti-
cellulite treatments of the belly, thighs and arms in addition to the butt lift. It’s important to note that the results aren’t permanent and require multiple sessions. Experts recommend anywhere from six to ten sessions, depending on your muscle definition and skin elasticity, to achieve the optimal effect. And to keep your booty looking lifted, you’ll also want to continue with regular exercise.

Price per session is $85 (Consider a Touch-up session after six months)

Avail our package of Ten (10) sessions and get Five (5) sessions free - $850

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