Have you been bothered by skin discolouration and sagging in your private and sensitive areas?
Are you looking for a solution to help brighten the look of these areas?
Now you can feel more confident with our intimate lighting treatment!
If skin discolouration on the intimate parts of your body is of concern to you, we have a quick and effective solution for that.

Intimate Lighting is formulated to brighten the look of dark and discoloured areas as well as enhance the overall skin’s appearance in both intimate and sensitive areas such as the vaginal area, areolas (nipples), elbows, knees, inner thighs and dark underarms. Whether the changes to the skin on these areas have occurred due to hormonal factors, ageing or for any other reason, Intimate Lightening can be the perfect solution. During the intimate lightening treatment , the hyperpigmented skin areas are treated with a compound of safe acids and fruit extracts that are non-abrasive.

At Mellow Aesthetics, we don’t use any toxic or harsh chemicals at all, all of our intimate area bleaching treatments are performed with high-quality botanicals.

Every application requires a waiting period (7-14 days) in order for the bleaching compounds to work.Three to six treatments are recommended for ideal results and rejuvenation of intimate skin areas. Most clients will immediately notice the results of skin one to two shades lighter after the first treatment. That progress will improve with additional treatments. However, results will vary over time depending on the melanin and your individual skin tone since everyone lightens at different speeds.

Safe for all skin types including sensitive skin.
No downtime.
Painless treatment.
Reducing excess pigmentation.
Improving skin texture.
Effective and long lasting results.

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